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Ekegusii Encyclopedia Project (EEP) is the organization behind the construction and publishing of the first ever Ekegusii - English Dictionary. Through Ekegusii Online Talking Dictionary( the on line version of the Ekegusii Dictionary), speakers and learners of Ekegusii find a friendly forum for learning Ekegusii. With a population of over 1.5Million speakers comprising learners from kindergarten through colleges and Universities both locally and Internationally, Ekegusii Encyclopedia boasts a wide audience.


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Choosing to advertise with us is one way of promoting EEP in our endeavor to generate further literature for home, school and college use. Advertizing with us will also enable us to reach other communities in Kenya and other parts of the world in the pursuit of promoting, preserving, revitalizing aboriginal languages, most of which are in the brink of extinction.


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