The author and Project Director (K M Bosire) and co-author and Project Co-ordinator (G K Machogu) wish to acknowledge the great contribution and support provided by the following people:

Community Members

Community members who remain supportive to our cause, by providing advice encouragement, and moral support to go on despite challenges.

Material Research and Contributors:

C Onderi, A Abere, E N Bosire, A Makana, M K Ogutu, A Arika, G O Mituga, A Onchera, D Begi, A. Onwong’a, Keraita, Mrs. R Omwenga, B Ogwang.

Data entry and Management:

Carlos M Nash

Deborah N. Momanyi

Technical Support

A. Bickford (SIL) for data management (Tool Box/Lexique Pro, Data transfer)

Nigel and Alison Deacon, Diversity website.  

Dr. I.O. Menge, web development.

Gloria Machogu, Illustration and Designing.


Prof. Carol Genetti (University of California SB - Department of Linguistics)

Professors Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Collette Atkinson (University of California Irvine and ICWT)

Prof. L Bickmore (University of New York at Albany)

Prof. Margaret Florey, formerly of University of Monash Australia and Director Resource Network for Language Documentation (RNLD)

Dr. B. M. Bosire and Mrs. J N Bosire , University of New York at Albany.

Financial & Material

The International Centre for Writing & Translation (ICWT - UCI)

InField 2008 (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Friends J Nyarandi, Y Oyaro, P Omwenga,  E Nyachieo


Prof. Carol Genetti (University of California SB - Department of Linguistics) InField 2008/2010.

Prof. Spike Gildea: University of Oregon, InField 2010.


Carlos M Nash, (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Dr. B Maranga

Denise Gora (Moige)

Moral support:

Our family members and children for their wonderful encouragement, financial, and material support. Their patience and understanding for the long periods of time they missed our company.

Finally our spouses for the outstanding support, encouragement, understanding and endurance. You accorded us space and unwaveringly showed patience to our company that you missed during our many travels and long working hours. We owe the success of this work to your love and wish to thank you for that.